SSQ Series – Silicone Square Caps

SSQ Series Silicone Square Caps for square applications are a great way to keep certain parts of your equipment protected. Used as masking for painting, plating, e-coating, and anodizing processes, these products are a durable and versatile way to avoid unnecessary wear and tear while increasing the quality of your results. As silicone square cap manufacturers, Polymer Molding wants to ensure that you have the resources to maintain your equipment. As such, we work tirelessly to design products that fit even the most unique of components. Additionally, our silicone square caps are reusable, and their flexibility makes them useful for multiple potential applications within your facility. Shop our list of different sizes to learn more, or request a sample below.

SSQ Series product diagram

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in. in. in.
SSQ-0157 0.157 3.988 0.787 19.990 0.240 6.096
SSQ-0232 0.232 5.893 0.433 10.998 0.310 7.874
SSQ-0248 0.248 6.299 0.394 10.008 0.300 7.620
SSQ-0250 0.250 6.350 0.430 10.922 0.031 0.787
SSQ-0312 0.312 7.925 0.339 8.611 0.025 0.635
SSQ-0460 0.462 11.735 0.280 7.112 0.035 0.889
SSQ-0470 0.470 11.938 0.374 9.500 0.041 1.041
SSQ-0490 0.490 12.446 0.687 17.450 0.047 1.194

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