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Vinyl Grab Tab Caps

VGT Series vinyl grab tab caps have a larger, user friendly, ergonomically designed pull-tab area that makes removing this cap much easier. Vinyl grab tabs can be used in a variety of applications as thread protectors and/or dust covers for assembly, shipping, and storage. Since vinyl is an insulated material, these products have use as electrical protectors as well. Combined, these features are what make vinyl grab tab caps such versatile tools to have in your industry’s arsenal. Look below to learn more about the different dimensions we offer for these vinyl grab tab caps and how we can customize them to suit your needs.

*The lengths listed below are maximum lengths.
Minimum length is 1/4". Lengths can be adjusted in 1/16" increments up to the maximum

  • Color: Various
  • Vinyl service temperature: 350° F (177° C)
  • High temperature, 450° F (232°C), available
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Additional sizes available (consult factory for details)
VGT Series product diagram

Product Options

Please confirm that your Part Number is correct and adjust the other selections below to meet your application's requirements.

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in. in.
VGT-01 Black 0.240 6.096 2 50.800
VGT-02 Black 0.302 7.671 2 50.800
VGT-03 Black 0.365 9.271 2 50.800
VGT-04 Black 0.375 9.525 2 50.800
VGT-05 Black 0.386 9.804 2 50.800
VGT-06 Black 0.427 10.846 2 50.800
VGT-07 Black 0.458 11.633 2 50.800
VGT-08 Black 0.490 12.446 2 50.800
VGT-09 Black 0.521 13.233 2 50.800
VGT-10 Black 0.530 13.462 2 50.800
VGT-11 Black 0.552 14.021 2 50.800
VGT-12 Black 0.615 15.621 2 50.800
VGT-13 Black 0.667 16.942 2 50.800
VGT-14 Black 0.740 18.796 2 50.800
VGT-15 Black 0.797 20.244 2 50.800
VGT-16 Black 0.860 21.844 2 50.800
VGT-17 Black 0.937 23.800 2 50.800

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