PC Series Pipe Caps

The process of shipping and storing piping materials is a large part of their overall lifecycle. However, if left unprotected, they can deteriorate before you ever get to use them. PC Series pipe caps protect N.P.T. threaded fittings and pipe ends from dirt, moisture and other contaminants associated with shipping and storage. PC series silicone pipe caps can be pushed onto a component with slight pressure, creating a firm seal that keeps any particulates and debris from entering. It’s important to mention though that while you can push them on with little trouble, you must unscrew them for proper removal. You can learn more about our line of PC series pipe caps here. We offer several size options for you to choose from.

  • Typical wall thickness: .032
  • Color: Reflex Blue
  • Material: Low Density Polyethylene
  • LDPE service temperature: 150° F (66° C)
  • RoHS Compliant
PC Series product diagram

Product Options

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PC-1/16 Reflex Blue 1/16 NPT 0.400 10.160 Carton 12,000 1 1,000 100 327.60 85.49 30.80 2,112
PC-1/8 Reflex Blue 1/8 NPT 0.385 9.779 Carton 15,000 1 1,000 100 271.50 57.20 19.99 2,114
PC-1/4 Reflex Blue 1/4 NPT 0.560 14.224 Carton 7,000 1 1,000 100 134.40 59.80 20.96 2,116
PC-3/8 Reflex Blue 3/8 NPT 0.570 14.478 Carton 9,000 1 1,000 100 179.10 62.30 21.79 2,118
PC-1/2 Reflex Blue 1/2 NPT 0.760 19.304 Carton 4,500 1 1,000 100 115.20 80.90 28.06 2,120
PC-3/4 Reflex Blue 3/4 NPT 0.760 19.304 Carton 3,000 1 500 50 109.20 57.05 20.01 2,122
PC-1 Reflex Blue 1 NPT 0.960 24.384 Carton 1,500 1 250 25 71.85 37.73 13.21 2,124

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