FW Series Flange Washers

A clean and consistent appearance is just as important to your facility as maintaining quality operations. At Polymer Moldings, we understand this completely and set out to provide products that allow for the best of both worlds. FW Series flange washers are designed to cover hose and tube ends for both protective and cosmetic purposes. Threaded pipes can be susceptible to rust when exposed to dirt or moisture for long periods. Silicone flanged washers stop damage by covering and sealing the pipe’s threads. They’re also sleek and smooth, giving end components a more appealing look. Shop our FW series flanged washers here.

  • Typical wall thickness: .032
  • Color: Yellow
  • Material: Low Density Polyethylene
  • LDPE service temperature: 150° F (66° C)
  • Also available in thermoplastic rubber for higher heat applications
  • Thermoplastic rubber service temperature: 275° F (135° C)
  • RoHS Compliant
FW Series product diagram

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in. in.
FW-06 Yellow 0.324 8.230 0.585 14.859 Carton 19,000 1 1,000 100 680.20 112.40 39.34
FW-07 Yellow 0.397 10.084 0.653 16.586 Carton 16,000 1 1,000 100 585.60 120.20 42.08
FW-08 Yellow 0.450 11.430 0.775 19.685 Carton 12,000 1 1,000 100 451.20 118.10 41.35
FW-10 Yellow 0.580 14.732 0.875 22.225 Carton 10,000 1 1,000 100 448.00 145.02 49.29
FW-13 Yellow 0.695 17.653 1.030 26.162 Carton 7,000 1 1,000 100 381.50 171.39 59.99
FW-15 Yellow 0.835 21.209 1.168 29.667 Carton 5,000 1 500 50 318.50 100.05 35.71

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