Just How Long Should You Keep a Tattoo Wrapped in Plastic?

Just How Long Should You Keep a Tattoo Wrapped in Plastic?

When you’re looking into getting your first tattoo, the last thing you want to do is worry about every little thing. Luckily, you have two excellent resources to calm your anxiety—your artist and the internet! After your artist has done their work, they’ll likely walk you through what to expect for the next few weeks. If you want to go into your appointment with an idea of what’s to come, you’re in the right place. Read on to learn how long you should keep a tattoo wrapped in plastic.

What To Expect Post-Tattoo

Once the tattoo ink cups are clean, and your artist has sent you on your way, what should you expect? You have to remember that, despite the beautiful design, a tattoo is an open wound. Your body will respond as it would to an open wound—it will try to heal. That’s why plastic wrap is important. It tricks your body into thinking there’s a second skin so that your body doesn’t need to scab over.

Cleaning Your Tattoo

Before you change your plastic wrap, always wash your hands. When it’s time to wash, use a fragrance-free antibacterial soap to wash your tattoo. Wipe away all plasma and ink from the tattoo, but don’t scrub too hard—remember to be gentle. Afterward, pat the area dry with a soft cloth.

How Long Should You Keep the Plastic Wrap On?

Finally, the answer to the question you’ve been waiting for: how long should you keep the plastic wrap on your tattoo? If you’re using a tattoo bandage like Saniderm (which we recommend you do), you can expect to keep it on for around eight to 24 hours. When you notice that your bandage isn’t sticking well, it’s time to change it!

Even if your bandage still sticks perfectly, change it after 24 hours.

Now that you know just how long you should keep your tattoo wrapped in plastic, head into your appointment with excitement, not anxiety, and enjoy your new tattoo!

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