5 Reasons Why Wire Caps Are Absolutely Necessary

5 Reasons Why Wire Caps Are Absolutely Necessary

When you’re working with electricity, there are certain steps you must take to keep everything safe for yourself and other users. This includes using wire caps. However, there are more benefits to using wire caps you may not know about. We’ve created a list of five reasons why wire caps are absolutely necessary, so read on!

Protecting People

Leaving exposed wires in any space is a no-no. Whether the next person to interact with those wires is another electrician or a well-meaning employee hoping to correct a problem, exposed wires can lead to nasty shocks and even potential litigation.

Protecting Wires

While protecting the people who may come into contact with exposed wires is your top priority, you should also protect the wires themselves. When a person bumps into exposed wires, they may loosen the connection slightly. If this happens often enough, you may wind up with wires that drift apart after enough time, potentially decoupling altogether. All of a sudden, the lights may go off, and you won’t know why.

Doing the Job

Protection isn’t the only thing wire caps do—they also help wires do the job they’re supposed to. For instance, crimp-on caps are part of the circuit! Even if the wires pull apart over time, the caps themselves will keep the lights on due to their internal conductivity.

Saving Time

Wire caps come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. This means you can set yourself up for success by assigning different wires to specific color caps. When you need to look at a tangled web of wires, it’ll be much easier to identify the one you need because of a uniquely colored cap.

Find the Perfect Size for Your Needs

Wires come in all shapes and sizes too. This can make putting them together a little more difficult, but don’t worry. Because electrical connector covers have so many variations, you can always find a cap to suit your needs.

Now that you know these five reasons why wire caps are absolutely necessary, you can make sure you have wire caps in stock in your facility! Polymer Molding has all the parts you need, so reach out to us if you require any assistance.

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