4 Ways Plastic Finishing Plugs Can Benefit Your Product

4 Ways Plastic Finishing Plugs Can Benefit Your Product

You may not think a little plastic plug can change how a customer sees your product, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Customers judge every aspect of your product, and if you skip the finishing details, they may see your whole product as cheaper than it is. Read on to learn four ways plastic finishing plugs can benefit your product.

1. Durability for Protection

Plastic finishing plugs protrude slightly from the ends of the product. This slight protrusion acts as a cushion that allows your product to withstand harsher conditions. It can even help your product survive falls. Even though finishing plugs don’t look like much, they can make a big difference in durability.

2. Extra Safety

That protrusion has a secondary benefit to people interacting with your product: safety. For example, if you’re manufacturing metal pipes and leave one side open-ended, someone could bump into the sharp metal pipe end and cut themselves. However, if you install a plastic finishing plug and someone runs into that pipe, they won’t even notice!

3. Airtight Seal

Some products also require a seal for the components inside. Let’s continue with the pipe example—an open-ended pipe with wires could collect dust or debris. The particulates enter the pipe and interfere with the wires. When you use a plastic finishing plug, the internal components are sealed in and protected.

4. Affordable Finishing

There are several materials you can use to finish your product, but plastic finishing plugs are perhaps the most affordable options on the market. When you just need one extra piece to get the job done, there’s no need to hurt your bottom line. Instead, choose the material that is well known for its low-cost benefits.

Now that you know these four ways plastic finishing plugs can benefit your product, view our collections at Polymer Molding—we know we have the plastic caps you need.

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