What Are the Most Common Applications for Square Tubing?

What Are the Most Common Applications for Square Tubing?

Tubing is important for building structures and transferring resources in an organized way. Square tubing creates a unique system different from cylindrical or rectangular tubing and offers various benefits. Read on to find out what to use square tubing for and how it benefits structures.


The square shape and lighter weight of square tubing make it an optimal choice for construction. The square shape allows the tubing to easily stack and support a structure load, regardless of the material the tube consists of.

Construction is easier when performed with a square or rectangular shape, and the hollowness of square tubing makes it lightweight and easy to move. Structures on top of the tubing will have more support from the metal beam underneath.


A railing is important to prevent falling and to keep objects enclosed in a space. A common use of square tubing is its use as a railing that will create a safer environment for people.

A square tube railing will connect to smaller tubings and make a fence to keep objects in and provide a safe surface that someone may grab if they fall. The square shape will create a flat surface to rest items on, making this tubing helpful when used in home applications for decks and balconies.


You’ll often see square tubing in fences that act as dividers. These create a protective structure around a perimeter. Dividers with a square shape are more challenging to grip, preventing more people from hopping over a fence.

Moreover, the square tubing will support heavy materials attached to create the fence, such as an additional square tube that acts as the top rail or metal panels between each divider. Plastic tube inserts will also fit well into the square opening of the tube to ensure nothing makes it inside the structure that could cause it to corrode, such as rainwater or ice.

Household Structures

The sturdy manufacturing of square tubing makes it a great choice for large and small structures. Metal bed frames often use square tubing to create a secure frame with a uniform density that won’t bend under the weight of certain loads. Couches and futons may have metal tubing in their frames to sustain prolonged use of people sitting.

Square tubing has many common applications, from the smallest building project to a massive construction task. Consider using square tubing for your next project and benefit the structure you make with a reliable and durable material that comes in a symmetrical shape.

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