Types of Finishing End Caps for Tubing Applications

Types of Finishing End Caps for Tubing Applications

In construction and architecture, tubing is a good installation that allows substances to move through a building or build structures for people to use. Tubing will often require end caps to keep them sealed and prevent deterioration on their ends, and finishing end caps are the best way to do that. Read on to find more options for finishing end caps for tubing applications and keep your tubes sealed well.

Round End Caps

Most tubing is round with various diameters and different end caps of the same shape. This type of end cap is common for tubing applications and has numerous styles that may come in caps or plugs.

Some round caps may screw into the pipe, while others cover it by pushing them on until secure. The convenience and availability make these end caps great choices for your tubing application and will help you with your construction needs.

Square End Caps

You’ll need square end caps for finishing work when you have square tubing for fences, furniture, or construction needs. This cap is a specific type of finishing end cap for tubing applications because it only works for square tubing. The caps will either have a seal with tapered ribs that add layers of security at the end of the pipe or a plastic extension that fits perfectly over the tubing shape.

Use these caps for your square tubing to add to the benefits of its durability and convenient building shape. Without the caps, the tube will deteriorate and lose its reliability in sustaining weight, making stacks of square tubes challenging to maintain.

Long Plastic End Caps

The length of these end caps will help you provide more coverage to your tubing. The end cap is significantly longer than other end caps and will move over more of the tube to supply a better cover that’ll prevent any corrosion from creeping along the length of the tube.

The buildup of dirt or moisture won't become a problem, as the length will cover the end and some of the tube's inner length. Apply these end caps for finishing work that must remain clear of harmful materials for long periods.

Tapered End Caps

A tapered plug is useful in numerous applications and will work as a plug or a cap. This tubing end cap plug has an extended part that will cover the tubing regardless of its end. Flip the cap and insert it into the tube's opening, and the flat rim will act as a stopper to prevent it from falling in deeper and to make it easy to remove.

The numerous end caps of the world have an effective use in any tubing application. If you have any tubing and need an end cap for finishing work, search for great quality caps at Polymer Molding. We have a wide selection of caps for sealing that’ll meet your needs.

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