Tips for Setting Up Your Tattoo Workstation

Tips for Setting Up Your Tattoo Workstation

A tattoo parlor needs to have the best organization strategies to ensure a sanitary environment for anyone who walks in for service. Your tattoo workstation is your center of command where you make your art, but you’ll need the perfect setup for the best results. Use these tips to set up your tattoo workstation and make your next ink masterpiece an efficient procedure.

Give Everything a Proper Place

The best way to stay organized is to give every item you use a specific spot. Place tattoo cups in a convenient place where you won’t knock them over. Make sure you place the ink cups in that same spot for every session after replacing them and cleaning your workstation.

As you repeat this process, you’ll see that it’s easier to maneuver around your workstation. You’ll know where to find tools and move more confidently as everything has its place.

Only Include Items You Need

As you set up your tattoo workstation, it’s best to keep items limited to what you need. You’ll need numerous tools for different sessions, but sticking to the essentials as you set up your tattoo workstation will make the process more efficient.

The basic items for every session will include tattoo ink cups, stencils, extra needles or cartridges, and your tattoo machine. A sharps container and nearby sanitization spray will also come in handy to ensure you have places to dispose of a used needle or need to clean up a mess. Limiting your station to what you need for the tattoo at hand will ensure your workstation stays organized and prevent messes.

Use the Best Tools for Organization

Organization is a key component of the best setups; some tools will keep your tattoo workstation organized. Use tattoo ink cup holders to organize your palette of tattoo ink caps. You could sort them by color or importance, depending on what the tattoo session entails. Keep containers or drawers available to place larger items such as your tattoo machine and gloves. Many tattoo artists rely on tool cabinets to contain the vast majority of their supplies.

Your tattoo workstation will need the best layout to provide the proper conditions for you to work. Use these tips to help you work at your best and give customers tattoos they will admire forever.

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