Tips for Avoiding Spills in Your Tattoo Studio

Tips for Avoiding Spills in Your Tattoo Studio

Tattooing is an art that dates back centuries, and many people enjoy the aesthetic of ink on their skin. In a tattoo studio, there’s a chance of spills that create a messy hazard. Read on to find out how to avoid spills in your tattoo studio and keep the space clean.

Use the Best Storage Containers

Having storage containers will help you keep spaces organized and clean. Ink stains easily and makes a mess, which is why it’s best to keep ink in a thermoplastic container with a polyethylene lid.

Thermoplastic is stain-resistant and will prevent any residue from sticking to its surface. Polyethylene is a reliable lid for plastic containers and will prevent the fluids from escaping and creating a spill. Using both plastics together will make a great storage system that’s clean and hazard-free.

Another great storage option for tattoo ink is carrying cases for tattoo ink bottles. These cases will zip up and prevent the ink from spilling out. The case keeps your ink together and provides a cool, dry space to avoid contamination.

Keep an Open Space

An open space will have a decreased chance of making a mess. Tattoo artists need elbow room to move around and create an organized system for their workstations. Working in a cramped space is challenging when you’re worried about knocking things over and creating a spill.

Make space to move around to prevent spills in the tattoo studio. Place items that you need only in specific situations in storage areas and move items you use more often to your workstation or nearby.

Organize Your Workstation

A tattoo artist’s workstation must have a clean surface that they always keep disinfected. But there are times when accidents may occur, and a spill may ruin the artist’s setup. Customers won’t trust a tattoo artist with a messy workstation with spills and other clutter, which is why organization is essential.

Organizing the workstation will prevent accidents that could knock something over and cause a spill. Clutter on the surface may cause tattoo ink cup holders to spill over and create a mess that will leave a deep stain. Maintain a tidy area so that you and anyone who visits your workstation will have little to worry about during the tattoo process.

Tattoos studios are great places where art and artists interact, but when a mess occurs, the studio will become unsafe. Use these tips to prevent spills in your tattoo shop.

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