The Different Masking Techniques for Powder Coating

The Different Masking Techniques for Powder Coating

Powder coating is a valuable addition to any metal or plastic item, but you'll need a quality masking method to ensure precise coatings. Fortunately, there are numerous ways to mask an item before powder coating, and each is a helpful tool in your production. Consider these different masking techniques for powder coating to create products that look great with a precise addition of a protective layer.

Plastic Plugs

When you have a hole in an object you plan to powder coat, you need a way to cover it. Use plastic plugs that seal and cover the hole for an easy masking technique. There are a variety of options for plugs made from different materials. Plugs inside the hole are sprayable, and you take them out before the heating process.

Otherwise, a silicone plastic cap has excellent temperature resistance, ensuring that the plug doesn't melt and the coating doesn't enter the hole. Plastic plugs come in various sizes that fit small and large holes. Whether you have a threaded hole or a smooth hole in an object, you can find a plastic plug to cover it. Plastic injection molded plugs provide numerous options for making the perfect fit for your powder coating needs.

Plastic Caps

Pipes may feel challenging to powder coat since the opening may hinder your coating process, and you may only need to coat part of the pipe. Cover these areas with a plastic cap that extends along the pipe's end. The cap prevents the coating from entering the hole and conceals the rest of the pipe, depending on how far it extends.

Various caps with lengths may reach many inches over the pipe's end. These caps are excellent for masking, which creates a design of two different coatings.

You could make a coating of one color leading out to the end of the pipe you coat with another. Look for these helpful masking items at plastic cap manufacturers such as Polymer Molding Inc. We have various options to ensure your powder coating turns out well.

Powder Coating Masking Tape

Like painting an object or a wall, masking tape is a fast way to cover an item that needs a powder coating. Most powder coating tapes work well in high temperatures of 400 degrees Fahrenheit minimum and use various materials to handle the heat.

Polyester and polyimide tapes are the most common for oven-cured powder coatings since they work well for curved surfaces and have silicone adhesives, respectively. Due to its stronger adhesion, polyimide tape is great for two-color powder coatings and longer periods in the oven.

Masking is a viable method to ensure you can apply powder coating where needed. Consider these different masking techniques for powder coating and make your objects look better with accurate applications of different colors.

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