The Benefits of Silicone in High-Temperature Situations

The Benefits of Silicone in High-Temperature Situations

Every material has a certain use that benefits the workers in the manufacturing industry. Silicone is an excellent material with various properties and has different applications. Continue reading to find the benefits of silicone in high-temperature applications.

What Is Silicone?

Silicone is a polymer used in numerous types of manufacturing. Most silicone products have a rubbery texture or come in a colorless oil, depending on their intended use. Various industries utilize silicone to make tools, establish a protective barrier around items, or create lubricants for high-heat applications. The numerous benefits of silicone make it a valuable material that creates reliable products for people and machines.

Low Thermal Conductivity

One of the primary benefits of silicone in manufacturing is its ability to handle heat. Its low thermal conductivity causes the material to transfer heat slower than others, such as metal and glass.

Thanks to this lower conduction, many manufacturers benefit from silicone in high-temperature situations, such as factories handling newly forged metal or areas where electrical circuits may heat up and need containment. Silicone will help manufacturers and make product handling easier and safer.

High Durability

Durability is essential to manufacturing, and silicone will provide great protection for numerous objects. The hard and rubbery feeling of silicone comes from its elasticity, which helps it maintain its shape after a force acts upon it.

The high durability of silicone is ideal for items that need a well-rounded layer of protection, which is why newer electric cars have silicone shells around their battery packs to control heat and mitigate vibrations. Silicone also makes a great cover, such as a plastic plug insert covering small pipes or rod openings. The best cookware will usually have silicone on its surface to mitigate heat and keep the item’s integrity intact if it falls or sustains damage from use in cooking.

Great Adhesion

Many areas of the manufacturing industry rely on adhesion to keep items from coming loose or attaching. Silicone in an adhesive form will maintain its durability and act as a reliable bond for difficult jobs. Silicone adhesion will bind two items of different materials despite their differences.

A great benefit of silicone in high-temperature settings is its ability to maintain its properties regardless of its form. Its durability and low conductivity will remain in its solid form, making it a heat-resistant adhesive that maintains flexibility as it sticks.

The aspects of silicone make it a great material to use in various situations. Look into Polymer Molding’s excellent silicone items for numerous occasions if you need a plastic polymer perfect for high-temperature resistance.

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