The Advantages of Working With Plastic Instead of Metal

The Advantages of Working With Plastic Instead of Metal

Many products use metal in applications where metal is unnecessary. While utilizing metal may serve certain aesthetic functions, there are many plastic options that can offer the same functions for far less money. Read on to discover the advantages of working with plastic instead of metal.

More Bang for Your Buck

It’s no secret that the average plastic resin is far more affordable than the average metal. Just as you save money on materials by switching to plastic, you’ll also cut costs on manufacturing since the production of plastic parts is a less intensive process than metal manufacturing.

The Sustainable Solution

When a metal part breaks, you’ll likely discard it and replace the piece with a new one. This waste may not seem like much, but it adds up over time. With plastic components, you can simply melt down the plastic and produce a copy of the part, or use the melted plastic to make a new component. This option is economical and sustainable, making plastic the best of both worlds.

Light but Mighty

In most cases, metal is heavier than plastic. This extra weight translates to higher costs for everything from labor to transportation. When you make parts out of plastic instead of metal, shipping will cost less, and workers won’t feel as burdened.


There are certain metals that have flexible properties, but plastic is known for its ability to bend and flex without losing its shape. This literal flexibility is one thing, but you should also consider the figurative flexibility plastic affords in its design capabilities.

There are hundreds of types of plastic materials, all with their own unique properties. This allows you to pick the right plastic to create the exact features you need your component to have, whether you’re producing plastic end caps or complex aerospace parts.

Now that you know the advantages of working with plastic instead of metal, determine which parts of your prototypes can be reworked to utilize plastic for increased cost-effectiveness and efficiency. If you’re not sure, contact the team at Polymer Molding—we can help!

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