Signs It's Time To Replace Your Injection Molding Tools

Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Injection Molding Tools

Having the right tool for the right job is essential when working on injection molding, and the tools of your injection molding machines will require maintenance. Keeping these components intact will prevent a halt in production, but knowing the signs it's time to replace your injection molding tools makes maintenance easier. Read on to learn how to identify a worn-down part in an injection molding machine, and keep your production line running smoothly.

Deformed Products

Issues in molded products are a significant sign of worn-down injection molding tools. When plastic products come out of their mold in a deformed shape or have numerous flaws, there is most likely a problem within the mold or the barrel.

The mold may be worn and has fractures and cracks where the melted plastic flows. Another possibility is that the barrel may not have the right temperature to melt the plastic, causing a molding error.

Inspect the plastic products throughout the injection molding process to determine the problem. The smallest flaw in your tools can lead to large changes in your products, so an immediate replacement is necessary.

Decreased Cooling Time

Cooling is an essential part of injection molding and ensures a steady pace in production. Most manufacturers use liquid cooling for less time to cool molds before ejection. However, the cooling channels may have a problem if your cooling takes longer than usual.

The plastic product needs enough time to cool, or it will become softer than intended after the molding process. If you notice these longer cooling times and less-firm plastics, it may be time to replace the tubing. Cooling is an important step in the process; without it, the injection molding will take much longer.

Flash Accumulation

Flash is excess plastic that forms on injection molding parts. It typically forms in older parts that have undergone many cycles, seeping into the cracks that form from wear.

Flash in your mold is a clear sign it's time to replace your injection molding tools. Until you do, your products will look misshapen. The cavities in the mold that shape the plastic piece will warp them and leave you with a poor product, which is detrimental to the custom plastic injection molding process.

You can determine if an injection molding tool is on its last legs in a few ways. Use your best judgment, and look for the signs when it's time to remove and replace these parts to create the best plastic items.

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