Questions To Ask When Sourcing Injection Molded Parts

Questions To Ask When Sourcing Injection Molded Parts

Deciding to source injection molded components for your business application is a vital step for saving your company both money and time. Not only do these services help you avoid the hassle of creating these items on your own, but they also ensure 100-percent accuracy in your initial product component design. However, you must ask the right questions before signing on with a certain company to make the most of this process. Here are some key questions to ask when sourcing injection molded parts.

What Are the Capabilities of Your Machines?

Before you sign on with an injection molding business, you must first understand its facilities. With thousands of different machines circulating in this industry, they can offer different part outputs for your money. As such, understanding what you’re paying for and how quickly these machines can process your order is the key to applying them faster. Asking about this also ensures that your chosen injection molder can handle the size of your order and produce the number of items you’re asking for without sacrificing quality.

Do the Products Have a Lifespan Guarantee?

Speaking of quality, you also want to ask about the standard expected lifespan of an injection molding company’s products. After all, the last thing you’d want is to pay for parts that don’t fulfill their application. Experienced professionals in this industry should have the resources and know-how to produce a component with a sufficient lifespan. So, if they can’t provide you with a service guarantee, that could be a sign you should look elsewhere.

Can You Fit Within Your Budget?

You need to ask about costs and budgeting options ahead of time as well. Even if you greatly need a certain set of components, it simply isn’t a viable option for your business if the production costs are too high. Therefore, you’ll want to know what you’ll pay before signing any binding contract for your project.

Does Your Company Have an Experienced Design Team?

One of the most important questions to ask when sourcing injection molded parts is whether a company has a qualified team behind it. Even if an injection molding business has the best equipment, it’s meaningless if its team doesn’t know how to get the most out of them. Thus, you’ll want a business that openly discusses its experience and how it’s grown over its years of operation.

Whether you’re in the market for standard plastic tube inserts, finishing plugs, or even ink caps, Polymer Molding is just the supplier for you. Our team of component designers and equipment operators know just how to get you the results you’re looking for in a product. So we’ll work hard to ensure that every part you order from us fulfills its need and then some. Contact us today to learn more about our custom injection molding process.

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