Important Tools You’ll Need for Stick-and-Poke Tattooing

Important Tools You’ll Need for Stick-and-Poke Tattooing

Stick-and-poke tattooing can be a lot of fun, but you need to be sure that you’re using the right tools so that you create a safe environment for yourself and anyone you’ll tattoo. Read on to learn the important tools you’ll need for stick-and-poke tattooing.

Gloves, Apron, and Disinfectant

The first step to good hygiene is to keep everything clean and fresh. For each new tattoo, use new disposable gloves and a disposable apron. Cross-contamination is dangerous, so don’t reuse anything!


There’s no tattooing without needles! It’s essential to invest in professional needles—do not rely on sewing needles! This is a common (bad) choice in the stick-and-poke trend. It won’t work well for you because sewing needles are blunt and aren’t sterile. When you use professional needles, you have a sharper tool to produce better lines and a sterile tool that won’t cause serious problems down the road.


Once you have your needles, you can’t forget about the ink! Just as sewing needles are no substitute for professional tools, pen ink and India ink aren’t substitutes for professional ink. Real tattoo ink is better quality, and, again, it’s sterile. Don’t mess around with ink that comes from just anywhere—you’re asking for trouble if you do.

Tattoo Ink Cups

One of the biggest dangers in stick-and-poke tattooing comes when you dip your needle into an ink bottle, and then another, and then another. That means you’ve compromised the ink for the next person you break out your kit for. Tattoo ink cups take away this danger. Pour a little ink into an ink cup and dispose of it when you finish the tattoo—problem solved!

Now that you know these important tools you’ll need for stick-and-poke tattooing, make sure you have the best equipment on hand before attempting any tattoo artwork. Safety is key with all forms of tattooing, so be careful and take your time to ensure that everything is sanitary.

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