4 Things You Didn't Know Are Injection Molded

4 Things You Didn’t Know Are Injection Molded

Injection molding is a popular process amongst many businesses, and your business can improve operations by using this plastic manufacturing process. To gain a better understanding of the potential plastic injection molding brings, it's helpful to learn what items are injection molded. Here are some things you probably didn't know are injection molded; consider them examples of what you could do when you start using it.

Medical Equipment

The medical field uses a great number of supplies every day. Mass production is the only way to keep up with the demand for constant restocking in hospitals, clinics, and medical schools. Injection molding is the ideal method to make this equipment because it provides a rapid turnaround.

The majority of medical equipment is made using plastic that is compatible with metal. This combination of materials gives imaging devices and machines such as MRIs their functionality, whereas other metal materials could obscure the image. Small items such as caps for needles and syringes use synthetic plastic polymers, such as polypropylene, since it is chemical resistant and won't degrade from fluids withheld.

Automotive Parts

Although many parts of a vehicle are metal, there is a significant amount of plastic in most cars, especially newer models. In a vehicle's interior, the dashboard, steering wheel, and gear stick are typically made of plastic.

The plastic in vehicles ensures better safety and lighter weight for the car, and the plastic won't degrade as fast as metal, which is beneficial given these parts' frequent handling. The unique shapes and dimensions required for a specific car make plastic injection molding necessary. Many car manufacturers benefit from the efficient process of injection molding and the possibilities for design that come with each mold.

Television Components

For decades, TVs have had plastic casing exteriors that house the electronic components inside. While many people focus on the TV screen, they often overlook the fact that the plastics around the screen are among the many things people don't know are injection molded.

Most modern TVs are flat screens that use plastic to create a lighter body and feature plastic components inside their circuitry. The angular plastic shell of a TV is challenging to construct by hand and requires a specific design, as most have different sizes and features. Injection molding ensures televisions have the necessary dimensions while maintaining their durable shape and long-lasting exterior.


Furniture pieces are made of many different materials, from glass to steel. Plastic is typically used to create the legs or smaller features of furniture items. Plastic tube inserts are injection molded products that are placed underneath the legs of couches and chairs, making them easier to move and less likely to scratch the floor. Drawer handles and knobs are commonly injection molded items because they often feature intricate details that aren’t challenging to craft with plastic injection molding.

There are many plastic parts in the world, and many of them are injection molded. Consider these items and how injection molding made it possible to craft them when you choose to use this process in your own manufacturing operation.

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