3 Mistakes for Beginner Tattoo Artists To Avoid

3 Mistakes for Beginner Tattoo Artists To Avoid

The world of tattoo artistry is an exciting one with limitless possibilities to do what you love and make others happy with your work. Because of this, thousands of individuals set out to become tattoo artists every year, and why wouldn’t they? The industry only continues to expand as the demand for body art increases. However, if you’re going to become one of these professionals, you must steer clear of a few common errors. Here are three mistakes for beginner tattoo artists to avoid.

Failing To Keep Up With Practice

Just because you’ve become an official tattoo artist, it doesn’t mean that you’ve finished growing in your craft. Like with any art form, frequent practice is the key to improving your skills and embracing new techniques. Without this time, you’re more likely to make errors that can hinder the growth of your career. For this reason, it’s vital to make time to sketch and continue to hone your abilities—even when you don’t have an appointment.

Not Using the Right Equipment

It’s also common for beginner tattoo artists to use the wrong equipment for their projects. You use many items during the tattoo process, from different size needles to sanitary products to the cups that hold your ink. As such, it’s vital to use only the best if you want to yield the best results for your customer. Even something as small as your tattoo ink cups can influence how effectively you dip your needles and deposit ink in the skin. So pay attention to these details.

Taking On Too Much, Too Soon

Another mistake for beginner tattoo artists to avoid is to take on larger projects before you’re ready. While larger full-arm tattoos are the most exciting to work on, they’re also some of the most strenuous for both you and your client. Working on them before you’re ready can lead to a frustrating experience for everyone involved and can impact the resulting piece. Because of this, it’s important to start small and work your way up to these projects.

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