3 Industries That Rely on Plastic Injection Molding

3 Industries That Rely on Plastic Injection Molding

There’s no molding technique more versatile than injection molding. Whether you need incredibly precise small parts or large molds for car parts, injection molding can get the job done. On top of the scale ranges, you can also use different types of plastic to achieve varying strengths and flexibilities. Read on to learn the three industries that rely on plastic injection molding.

Food and Beverage

The FDA has a plethora of regulations and guidelines that would be nearly impossible to meet without injection molding. The food and beverage industry needs specific products with tight seals to keep up with the FDA’s strict standards, and they need to utilize food-grade plastic to do so. Whether you need BPA-free or non-toxic materials, injection molding can provide!

Injection molding can supply the food and beverage industry with all their plastic needs, from beverage overcaps to filtering components to parts for conveyor systems.


Vehicle production would grind to a halt without injection molding—this process is essential for creating various components within cars and trucks. Semi-truck handles, body panels, aspirators, and brake pads couldn’t be made as efficiently without the help of injection molding.

As online car sales grow, manufacturers all over the world need to ramp up production to meet the demand—luckily, injection molding makes this process quick and painless with easily reproducible products.

Medical and Pharmaceutical

Quality and precision are of the utmost importance in the medical industry. When health and safety are on the line, make sure you turn to a process you can trust. Plastic injection molding is a key supplier of surgical prep products, as well as diagnostic test kits and dental X-ray components.

Reach out to us to speak with an expert plastic plug manufacturer that can meet all your injection molding needs.

Now that you know the three industries that rely on plastic injection molding, we hope you have a greater appreciation for the remarkable versatility of this essential process.

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