Why Product Masking Is Important During Powder Coating

Why Product Masking Is Important During Powder Coating

Manufacturers use various methods to create a well-protected and durable product, such as powder coating. The powder coating process requires careful application, and product masking is essential to ensure great detailing. Consider the importance of product masking in powder coating and learn how to mask items and apply the coating properly.

What Is Powder Coating?

When metal product manufacturers want to add a unique finish to an item, they may add a powder coating. This coating is another material, typically a powdered metal or thermoplastic polymer that they spray onto a metal object.

They then use extreme heat to cure the powder coating and set it in place. A powder coating creates a new appearance with a slightly gritty texture. The thickness of the coating makes powder-coated products heat- and water-resistant, leading to less corrosion and maintenance.

Product Masking

Some objects only require powder coating on certain parts. For example, you might apply a powder coating to the metal seat of a park bench to make it more durable, but the bench legs may not need a coating.

Containing the coating to a specific metal part requires product masking. This step ensures that the coating does not get on unwanted areas and helps create a precise appearance with detailed outlines.

Many products with a powder coating have signs of product masking, which makes them look more professional. Product masking is important during powder coating to aid in detailing and improve appearance and functionality. Using product masking helps manufacturers create a quality finish.

Tools for Product Masking

Manufacturers use various tools with high heat resistance for product masking. For example, manufacturers use high-temperature tape that withstands temperatures as high as 400 degrees Fahrenheit when product masking. They use this tape much like painters use masking tape to prevent paint from getting on parts of the wall they want to protect. This tape is most practical for coating in straight lines.

Rounded coatings will require other tools, such as plastic pipe plugs. The plugs will fill an opening and prevent the coating from entering a hole in the object. These plugs are made from materials like silicone that can handle high temperatures and ensure the pipe plug doesn’t melt or break down from the heat.

Some of the best product finishes come from powder coatings. With product masking, the final product will look even better. Use product masking for your manufactured items to create a complex object, and use the best tools when applying the coating that will handle the heat.

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