Why Is Plastic Injection Molding Important for Military Use?

Why Is Plastic Injection Molding Important for Military Use?

The military uses various materials to carry out operations and ensure soldiers have what they need in the field. Plastic injection molding is essential for the military to manufacture the necessary parts for operations. Read on to understand why plastic injection molding is essential to the military and how plastic benefits personnel.

How Plastic Injection Molding Helps Different Industries

Plastic is a common material in various industries that helps workers and employers carry out production. Using plastic injection molding gives businesses the specific resources and tools to repair, build, and manufacture products and perform services.

For example, a plumbing company may need a large order of pipe plugs within two months. Plastic injection molding will create the plastic plugs quickly with enough time to deliver. Using machines to inject the resin in the molding makes manufacturing plastic parts easier and allows businesses to design them how they want.

The Use of Plastic in the Military

The military uses numerous materials, from the toughest steel of a gun to the glass of an FPV camera screen. Plastic is a common material in different machines and equipment the military uses. Cameras have plastic frames to avoid corrosion and maintain a stable feed. Plastic bearings, gears, and brushings are in different machines, such as fighter jets, submarines, and missiles for less maintenance and long-lasting durability.

Over the past few decades, the military has used more plastic in their equipment and begun relying on it to manufacture different devices and enhance vehicles. In today’s military, there is plastic in weapons, clothing, medical equipment, and electronics. Plastic benefits the military in numerous ways by creating functioning items that help soldiers carry out operations and tasks more easily.

The Benefits of Plastic Injection Molding in the Military

Plastic injection molding helps the military in numerous ways. Plastic is a primary material in many items in the armed forces, so this process is a highly useful form of manufacturing. Its benefits range from efficiency in a soldier carrying out their duties to the simple function of devices.

A Long-Lasting Material

Plastic lasts decades without breaking down. Plastics made from plastic injection molding are important to the military because they are so long-lasting.

The military uses and reuses items for years unless they’re broken or receive damage that would put someone’s life in danger. Long-lasting materials increase the chances of survivability in the field. That is why packs have plastic buckles to secure them, and plastic seals secure cases with essential field gear such as scopes and rations.

Quicker Manufacturing

Plastic injection molding is a faster process than melting and forming metal equipment or tempering and blowing glass. The injection of plastic resin into a mold is simpler and more effective in producing a great number of items in less time. This simple process allows for the mass production of plastic parts.

The military uses numerous resources and is in constant need of restocking. Having reliable materials that are easier to produce ensures military personnel has the equipment to maintain operations and do their jobs effectively.

Design Options

Plastic comes in many shapes and sizes, depending on the application. The ease of plastic injection molding creates opportunities for the military to design plastic pieces for equipment and devices.

A polymer manufacturing company, such as Polymer Molding, will have various options for custom-made plastic pieces and multiple options for plastic types. Silicone, polyethylene, and nylon are just a few plastic types available, and the liberty to customize them is another reason why plastic injection molding is important to the military.


Durable materials are essential for military-grade products. Durable plastics from plastic injection molding benefit the military by preventing corrosion from water, cold, or heat sources. The durability of plastic will also prevent corrosion from electric currents, making it an ideal material for insulating wires.

Silicone plastic injection molds create a highly durable material that can withstand the toughest trials and maintain its shape. Given the fieldwork, drills, and training military personnel go through, it’s best to have the most durable materials, like plastic, to survive difficult challenges. Durability leads to better safety, and plastic provides multiple safety benefits.


The best materials often cost the most, and the military spends billions every year on materials. This high spending calls for a reliable, affordable material such as plastic. Since the resources to make plastic are plentiful, and the process of injection molding is simple, the cost of plastic is lower than that of metal, glass, or wood. Ordering plastic products is common in the military and has led to decreased costs and consistent supply.

Lighter Weight

Plastic is significantly lighter than most manufactured materials, which means plastic items and vehicles are lighter. The military’s guns are lighter now than they were in the mid-1950s, thanks to innovations in plastic. The stock, grip, frame, and trigger assembly may be plastic, which makes them more lightweight and prevents corrosion that could lead to obsoletion.

If these parts were only comprised of metal, the guns would be much heavier, making them difficult to carry, aim, and shoot. Plastic in land vehicles and aircraft makes driving and piloting easier with faster movement and durable parts from the lower weight. Plastic will make the composition of an object lighter and make movement easier in vehicles. Carrying a weapon is more efficient and causes less fatigue when they’re made from a mixture of plastic and other materials.

Plastic Injection Molding Compared to Other Materials

Other materials have benefits that make them valuable in the military, but molded plastic will typically have the same benefits if not more. Plastic is easier to manufacture, costs less, and won’t rust as easily. Whether you’re military or running a business, consider taking advantage of plastic’s value.

Using plastic injection molding in the military benefits numerous people. This valuable material is essential to success in daily operations and tasks in the armed forces. Remember the value of these plastics and use them whenever you need a multi-beneficial material for a manufactured product.

Why Is Plastic Injection Molding Important for Military Use?

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