What Is the Service Temperature of LDPE?

What Is the Service Temperature of LDPE?

Polyethylene is a material that we see a lot in everyday life, but we may not know much about it. The two main versions of polyethylene, low-density polyethylene (LDPE) and high-density polyethylene (HDPE), each have unique properties that make them suitable for different tasks.

In this article, we’re going to go through some of the features of low-density polyethylene and answer the question, “What is the service temperature of LDPE?”


LDPE is well-known for having excellent resistance to both high and low temperatures. This thermoplastic retains its shape all the way down to minus 40 degrees Celsius and up to 65 degrees Celsius (149 degrees Fahrenheit). However, LDPE can also go up against temperatures of up to 90 degrees Celsius (194 degrees Fahrenheit), provided there is no prolonged exposure to that heat.


LDPE will stretch and stretch and stretch before it breaks! Flexibility, when coupled with low tensile strength, makes LDPE the perfect material for plastic bags and similar plastic films. You don’t want brittle grocery bags, so LDPE bags stretch to hold a ton of weight without snapping.

Moisture Resistance

Plastic bags are no good if they’re prone to leaking. Think about trying to use a paper bag as your trash can liner—it’s a messy proposition. LDPE is resistant to moisture, which makes it ideal for use as a plastic bag. You’ll also see LDPE in water pipes and bottles for the same reason.

LDPE’s great moisture resistance makes it the perfect choice for products like electrical connector caps and covers because it will protect your wires.

Chemical Resistance

Chemical resistance makes LDPE a good choice for food containers, especially when you consider its moisture resistance. Single-use drink packages often use LDPE to great effect.

Now that you know the service temperature of LDPE and a few other key benefits of this plastic, consider producing your components using LDPE. This versatile plastic will keep your components in great shape for ages!

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