The Top 4 Commercial Uses of Nylon in Products

The Top 4 Commercial Uses of Nylon in Products

Everyone has heard of nylon, but very few may understand what a versatile and valuable material it is. With incredible tensile strength and resistance to heat, nylon is far more useful than most people give it credit for. Read on to discover the top four commercial uses of nylon in products.


When most people think of nylon, they conjure an image of women’s stockings. Just a few years after the introduction of nylon stockings in 1939, nylon became a necessity due to World War II. Parachute makers stopped using silk and hemp and started using nylon.

By the end of World War II, synthetic fibers like nylon took over up 25 percent of the business once dominated by cotton and wool. Fast forward to today, nylon is instrumental in manufacturing shirts, undergarments, rainwear, and more.

Fishing Nets

When you need a lightweight and strong material, nylon is a go-to option. Many fishing nets are now made using nylon because it can withstand routine wear. Certain nets might strain and snap when filled with an abundance of struggling fish, but nylon’s high tensile strength allows the net to hold on longer.

Industrial Applications

While industrial applications may sound a bit dull, nylon’s uses in industry are responsible for much of the comfort we enjoy today. Manufacturers mold nylon into plumbing fittings, pipes, sheets, and more. Nylon is also an excellent option for 3D printer filaments and films. As a custom plastic parts manufacturer, we use nylon for plastic injection molding to great effect.

Machine Parts

Finally, nylon’s heat and chemical resistance make it perfect for use in machine parts such as nuts and bolts. Additionally, you may find nylon in the circuit boards of your electronic devices.

Now that you know the top four commercial uses of nylon in products, you can determine whether your products could use nylon. If you have a product in need of a versatile material with high tensile strength and heat resistance, consider nylon.

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