Rapid Injection Molding: What Is It and When Is It Used?

Rapid Injection Molding: What Is It and When Is It Used?

When your business needs a quick method of delivering plastic injection molded parts, rapid injection molding is an excellent way to complete orders. Understanding this method will help you determine the best way to use it. Read on to learn about rapid injection molding and when to use it to improve your production rate.

What Is Rapid Injection Molding?

This method of injection molding ensures fast production of various products. These products typically have small dimensions for the fastest possible production rate. However, faster production may lead to some errors in certain designs with complex features. Rapid injection molding is useful in specific production lines for simple parts.

The Benefits

Manufacturers benefit from the improved production rate. The faster process of making plastic parts reduces costs and uses less energy. The machines use molds of affordable metals, such as aluminum, that cost less in replacement and maintenance. With rapid injection molding, orders are easy to fulfill. For example, you can quickly complete orders of 500 products or more!

How Does It Differ From Polymer Injection Molding?

Rapid and polymer injection molding have a few notable differences. Both use similar tools and have the same goal of efficiently producing plastic products. However, the difference lies in the speed at which the plastic molds.

Rapid injection molding produces up to 10,000 parts or more within a couple of weeks—a feat that would take polymer injection molding a month or more. However, the rapid procedure may cause the plastic pieces to have some flaws compared to the careful pace of a slower plastic injection mold. A quality finish on the product is essential for a part to be durable.

When Is It Best To Use Rapid Injection Molding?

Busy seasons are the best time to utilize the fast-paced, rapid injection molding process. Your business will eventually have large or frequent orders and need them completed quickly. Rapid injection molding ensures hundreds of pieces finish within a shorter time frame for the order.

Many businesses use rapid injection molding for research and testing. The plastic product develops rapidly, which helps manufacturers determine how fast production may occur and what issues may arise in the product's molding.

Molding products quickly is a viable process that helps many businesses. Knowing what rapid injection molding is and when to use it can give you new opportunities to improve your production line. If you need the best injection molded products with customizable options, view our items at Polymer Molding for the most efficient orders.

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