How We Use Polymers in Our Everyday Lives

How We Use Polymers in Our Everyday Lives

Polymers are all around us, but where? You may know when you’re interacting with some polymers, but we’re willing to bet that some of these interactions will come as a surprise! Read on to discover how we use polymers in our everyday lives.

Getting Dressed

You may not realize that a lot of the clothing in your closet consists of plastic! Nylon is a polymer originally used to make parachutes and other necessary items during World War II. Today, you can find it in clothing such as pantyhose. Polyester is a material commonly found in shirts and other articles of clothing!

Going To Work

The automotive industry makes great use of polymers. We usually think of cars as entirely metal machines, but there are a lot of plastics at work, too, especially in car interiors. There are polymers in the dashboard, inner door handles, and even the brake and gas pedals. Suffice it to say; it would be a lot tougher to get around without polymers.

Grocery Shopping

Just about every time you go grocery shopping, you’re interacting with polymers in a big way. That’s because grocery bags consist of polyethylene. You’d have a lot of trouble getting your food from your car to your house without polymers, and it’s a safe bet that you store many of your food products in polymers, too! Loaves of bread and fresh produce, for example.

Storing Leftovers

Once you’ve made meals out of your groceries, you’ll want to put the leftovers away so you can enjoy them again the next day. Tupperware containers consist of polypropylene, another polymer. Plastic injection molding manufacturers get a lot of work helping us enjoy all kinds of organization tools in our lives!

Now that you know how we use polymers in our everyday lives, we hope you can see how incredibly versatile they are. Polymers are everywhere, hidden in plain sight—just imagine how much help they can be for your products!

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