Different Types of End Caps: A Quick Rundown

Different Types of End Caps: A Quick Rundown

Having the best tools for a job is important; when you need to cover a pipe opening, an end cap is your go-to component. End caps come in many shapes and sizes, so you have plenty of options when you need a quick solution. Read this rundown of the different types of end caps and their uses.

Threaded End Caps

This type of end cap is internally threaded and screws onto the end of a pipe to seal it. A threaded end cap creates a tight seal that prevents leakage. Use this end cap when you need a long-term seal with a low chance of falling off.

It's easy to push off the cap if there is enough pressure in the pipe. However, a threaded end cap will only move counter-clockwise to loosen and remove, making it a secure option.

Short End Caps

A short end cap will add a nice finish to the pipe with a subtle placement and easy fit. These end caps are secure and seal openings well, and they aren't difficult to remove when you need to clean and replace them. Use these caps as an easy seal for your pipes and openings, and improve the pipe's appearance with a less noticeable finish.

Long End Caps

A long end cap is perfect when you need an end cap with enhanced capability in preventing corrosion. These end caps cover more of the pipe's end and slow deterioration that would normally creep from the end of the pipe and inward. Though long end caps create a secure seal, removing them is simple since the caps are easy to grab onto.

Tapered End Caps

Tapered end caps have a dual function in covering pipe ends. Most plastic end caps seal openings, and the remainder covers the outer rim of the pipe. A tapered end cap covers the outer edge and the opening.

The wide rim lets the cap remain in place without falling into the pipe, and the cap's diameter seals the pipe. It also acts as a regular cap and covers the pipe end adequately, providing options for sealing your pipes.

It's beneficial to understand your options for end caps. Remember the different types of end caps and their benefits so you'll make the best choices in controlling how your pipes transfer fluids.

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