Best Practices for Owning a Successful Tattoo Studio

Best Practices for Owning a Successful Tattoo Studio

Many customers visit your tattoo studio with the understanding that you run a safe and honest place. As the owner, you always want to operate an organized and reliable business, and following the best practices shows customers that you have the knowledge you need to do so. Read on and learn the best practices for owning a tattoo studio and running your establishment with pride.


Every tattoo studio needs to keep sanitization in mind for the sake of their customers. Since you and your artists use needles on people’s skin, you must ensure the environment is as clean as possible. Clean tattoo guns with rubbing alcohol, and sanitize all surfaces.

If you use bleach, ensure it dries completely and doesn’t contaminate the tattoo equipment. Use fast-drying disinfectants for tattoo chairs between clients to ensure customers have a clean place to sit. Purchase autoclaves for every workstation so that artists can clean their tools quickly after each session for maximum sanitization.

Ensure You Hire Artists With Similar Skills

The talent you hire is the primary support pillar that ensures you have new and returning customers. Be careful who you hire; they’ll need the skills to keep up with appointments and the artistic ability to tattoo with excellence. Find artists who meet the standard of skill you set for your employees, and tattoo with them to see how well they perform.

Offer a design for them to create and make it simultaneously. This activity tests their speed and precision by illustrating how fast they are compared to you and if their technique is as good as yours. Attitude is also an important factor to consider before hiring an artist.

If a person’s attitude toward the job seems negative or is likely to promote contention among other artists, turn the person away. Finding positive and respectful people is an important best practice for owning a tattoo studio, so you’ll need to comb through the different applicants to determine if they’re a good fit.

Have the Best Tools for the Best Tattoos

The best way to prevent mishaps in the studio is to ensure you have all the necessary tools. Buy your tattoo supplies in bulk so that you and the other artists have what you need to make art. Buying items such as tattoo ink caps wholesale provides more supplies for lower costs, and since ink caps typically deplete quickly, buying in bulk just makes sense.

Other supplies, such as ink, cleaner, and needles, are also essential for the studio and keep the business running smoothly. Owning a business means keeping your supplies stocked so that you can always serve your customers to the best of your abilities.

Your tattoo studio has the potential to become a great business and workplace, and following best practices will help you succeed. Keep up with the standards you set and make wise decisions as you improve your business and create art with each new design.

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