3 Industries That Use Plastic Injection Molding the Most

3 Industries That Use Plastic Injection Molding the Most

Plastic injection molding is everywhere, and you benefit from it whether or not you realize it. For instance, how did you get to work today? If you said anything other than “I walked,” your commute was brought to you—in part—by plastic injection molding. If you’re in a building right now, you can thank plastic injection molding for protection from the elements.

Suffice it to say, injection molding is essential to our way of life. But which industries use plastic injection molding the most? Read on to find out.


Windows and doors all over the world wouldn’t fit quite as well without plastic injection molding. Injection molding is all about designing incredibly accurate parts to fit custom applications, making it perfect for the plastic aspects of construction. In fact, many frames across the country would have issues slotting into place if not for injection molding.

In addition, plastics are highly resistant to weathering, corrosion, and rust, making them perfect for use in architecture.

Food and Beverage

The Food and Drug Administration has strict rules regarding which materials are suitable for food containers, and rightly so. After all, you wouldn’t want pickles stored in a jar susceptible to vinegar dissolution. Thankfully, there are many food-safe plastics on the market that meet all of the FDA’s requirements, and those plastics need to be specifically manufactured for different tasks.

Whether you need containers for foods and beverages or components for a conveyor system, plastic injection molding can meet, if not exceed, those requirements.

Medical and Pharmaceutical

Finally, the medical and pharmaceutical industries require plastic injection molding to fabricate everything from diagnostic test kits to surgical preparation products. When precision is essential, as it is in the medical industry, injection molding can get the job done. Plastic plug manufacturers can easily switch their processes to produce high-quality X-ray components, in addition to anything else you may need.

Now that you know the three industries that use plastic injection molding the most, we hope you have a greater understanding of all the incredible technology that goes into making products we sometimes take for granted.

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