3 Different Types of Electrical Connector Caps

3 Different Types of Electrical Connector Caps

Wire connectors, electrical connector caps, and electrical connector covers all refer to the same product and have the same purpose. The goal is to connect two or more wires with as little interference as possible. These connectors come in as many types as they have names!

However, while their bodies may look different, the process is the same: an exterior made of insulating plastic and an interior with a coiled spring or grooves to hold wires securely. For more information on the three different types of electrical connector caps, read on!


Crimp-on connectors offer a secure connection, but they require a crimping tool to function. You must insert the wires into the cap, then crimp the cap with your tool. The cap’s interior is a conductive material that connects your wires while keeping them firmly locked.

Underground and Waterproof Connectors

These types of connectors have something that crimp-on and twist-on connectors don’t: silicone sealant. Once you insert the wires into the cap, the sealant protects them against corrosion and moisture. However, they aren’t reusable like twist-on connectors. But if you need to bury any cables, these connectors are your best option!


Twist-on connectors are the most common electrical connectors, and they’re probably what you think of when you picture wire caps. You can install them easily with nothing but your hands and the wires, unlike crimp-on caps! All you need to do is strip the ends of the wires of their insulation, insert them into the cap, and then twist the cap.

While that process will get the job done, it is traditionally recommended to first twist the wires together (outside the cap), and then insert them and twist again. That way, they stay more secure. If you’re searching for electrical connector covers for your manufacturing facility, Polymer Molding has got you covered.

Now that you know the three different types of electrical connector caps, choose the connector covers you need to get your work done.

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